Sound Meters

Noise Dosimeter/Datalogger with PC Interface

Extech Instruments

Measure total sound exposure over an 8-hour period

  • Perform OSHA and IEC Noise accumulation surveys
  • Adjustable Criterion Level, Exchange Rate, and Threshold
  • Ideal for personal/workplace accumulated noise exposure
  • Stores 5 separate surveys including Start/Stop Time, %Dose, TWA and Peak flags
  • RS-232 port with serial cable
  • Windows® compatible software to setup and retrieve the the stored data for further analysis

    datasheet:  http://www.extech.com/instruments/resources/datasheets/407355data.pdf

  • 407355-kit-5

    Noise Dosimeter/Datalogger Kit

    Extech Instruments

    Sound Level Datalogging Kit with 5 Dosimeters and Sound Calibrator

  • Includes five 407355 Noise Dosimeters with microphones, serial cable and PC Software
  • Includes 407766 94/114dB Sound Calibrator
  • Complete with hard plastic carrying case

    datasheet:  http://www.extech.com/instruments/resources/datasheets/407355data.pdf

  • 407703a

    Analog Sound Level Meter

    54 to 126dB Sound Level Meter with ±2dB Accuracy
  • Measurement range from 54 to 126 dB in 7 ranges
  • Accuracy: ± 2dB @ 94dB, 1000Hz
  • Analog output for connection to chart recorders, dataloggers, etc.
  • Selectable weighting (‘A’ or ‘C’) and response time (Fast or Slow)
  • Tripod mount and 9V battery powered
  • Ideal for field use including: noise ordinance violations, community/traffic noise measurements, acoustic studies and stereo balancing

    datasheet: http://www.extech.com/instruments/resources/datasheets/407703Adata.pdf

  • 407730

    Digital Sound Level Meter

    Extech Instruments
    40-130dB Meter featuring large LCD display with analog bargraph
  • ±2dB accuracy with 0.1dB resolution
  • A+C weighting
  • AC analog output
  • Record Max/Min values over time
  • Utilizes 0.5"(12.7mm) electret condenser microphone

    datasheet:  http://www.extech.com/instruments/resources/datasheets-eu/407730-EUdata-GE.pdf